Hire The Dance Lady

Working to your class theme or topic the Dancelady is able to offer term blocks or one off sessions developing a subject matter into a Dance performance.

For example if the topic is Eygptians, the class will learn movement patterns about the pyramids or discovering tombs. Usimg dance dynamics the children will discover ways of preforming dance to choreograph that theme.

Other classes that the DanceLady can teach:


Disco peaked in the 1970′s and is a mixture of funk, Latin and soul. It’s a crazy fun style with simple foot patterns and freestyle feel that’s easy to teach. Disco is a fun dance session as the children are always aware of the finger pointing and finger sweeping disco movements!


Jazz evolved on Broadway to become Modern Jazz dance. Jazz can be easily stylized to give it a funky flavor or a Broadway feel.


Think… Musical Theatre, West End, props & costumes, Jazz and drama. Absolutely hilarious, fabulous and fun. The children will love using props and will inspire their creativity!

Street Jazz

Combines Street dance with Jazz for a funky urban it’s a softer approach to street and breaking but still has heaps of attitude!


Combining simple Cheerleading arm lines and foot patterns. Cheer dance is a great way to introduce cheerleading to your students without the worry of stunts or lifts. Cheer Dance is a fun way to introduce the use of Pom Poms. Boys are happy to try Cheer dance as incorporates street Dance movements.


Originating in America in the 1940’s it’s a variation of the Jitterbug and Swing. It’s very energetic and includes simple fun partnered choreography. Jive can be easily included in the curriciculim within the topic of WWII


Originating in South America and Cuba we use a mixture of simple fun steps and partnered choreography with a Latino flavor. Due to the popularity of programmes such as Strictly Come Dancing latin dancing is increasing in its demand

Caroline’s Combat

A combination basic non-contact punches kicks and transitions to create fun disciplined combat choreography to music such as Eye of the Tiger! Boys especially love this style as it offers something different to a conventional fitness session.

Sports Jammash

Simple ball skills and Sport Drills to music. Using footballs and other various PE store equipment the children will choreography their own routines with partners and group work. It’s great for encouraging all children to work with music without them feeling like it’s a dance session.

Movement to Music

The Movement to Music themes and ideas are designed for Early Years, Reception and Keys Stage 1. Learn how to use your equipment creatively and work effectively to music.