The West Wiltshire schools Dance Festival the story so far .

Often the term Legacy is used out of context . The West Wiltshire Schools Dance Festival definitely is a Legacy event .

Held annually in February the Dance Festival was established in 2006 ,by the then School Sports Partnership Manager Chris Bell .chris-bell-dance-festival

The original 1 day event was held in the Wiltshire Music centre Bradford on Avon . Chris Bell decided upon the event being a festival rather than a competition as he recognised there was a need for a inclusive and non competitive event to engage children and schools that were perhaps not entering the other more traditional partnership events of cricket and rugby .

The first event was so successful that the following year was immediately made into a 2 day event . Annette Wilsher was the then partnership Dance Specialist and brought to it an extra level of performance and creativity .

In 2009 the Dance Festival had finally outgrown its location of the music centre and
Chris Bell took the bold decision to move to the Forum in Bath . Caroline DanceLady had been involved with the Dance festival for 3 years in 2008 and had seen it grow form its very organic roots of an audience of 200 , music being played via tape cassettes ! and the children performing on a small stage .
In 2011, the structure of the Schools sports partnership changed .20140226_182909-1

Chris Bell retired and Emily Reynolds took the helm , a daunting time for all involved as funding had changed ,Emilys passion & commitment for the festival meant that it continued , and evolved towards its next step . We are delighted that Emily still finds time to attend the Dance Festival as she is also an integral part of its history


The Forum was the only venue large enough to house the expanding event and in 2016 Selwyn Widger the current Schools Games Officer took the next bold decision to take the event to 3 days !

Dance Festival 2016


Caroline DanceLady and Selwyn Widger have now been joined by the valuable support from Wiltshire Active Sport WASP .

Schools preforming can have the opportunity
to take part in the opening ceremony of Wiltshire Schools Games held in Marlborough organised by WASP . Again this event provides another fabulous performance platform for our dancers

Bitham School - Haka








As part of our commitment to ensure the Dance Festival is a legacy event we have organised the first of many bolt on Dance events to be held during the year .dance-festival-2015-boys

This year we are inviting boys from the partnership school to join in within a Dance skills
workshop to be held at Matravers dance-festival-2015-boys
School Westbury and led by some of the male pupils there , whom take part within the Dance festival.

And so here we are in 2016 !

A 3 day Dance event completely inclusive and non competitive . The event funds its self via ticket sales and is also able to accommodate a DVD production of the event . The support from Kingdown school has enabled sports leaders to take a vital role in front of house , back stage leadership Dance Festiavl 2016 2


So lets see what will happen in the next 10 years of the West Wiltshire Dance Festival history !!