Tips for the Dance Festival For teachers/staff

Dance F Stage

How the Dance Festival works .

Your school/Dance group , or club , only has to attend 1 of the dates for the daytime rehearsal and evening performance

Late December/January your school Dance group/class will receive is dress rehearsal time slot . The evening running order of performances will be available on the day you are attending

During the day your school will attend a rehearsal  at the Forum in Bath, during this time slot the children will be able to use the stage , to gain an understanding of the surroundings , floor space and atmosphere  .  You can attend this rehearsal with props and costumes . You can leave any costumes/props within your schools designated  changing area at the Forum .

The later timed  rehearsal slots will mean there is no point returning home/school  . In the past some schools have gone for tea together , or parents have met children . As well as taken advantage of a trip around Bath . These are only suggestions for you to plan your day/evening

During the evening children , staff, TAs & helpers sit upstairs in the balcony  . Again your school will have a designated seated  area . When it is your turn to preform a “runner ” will fetch you from your seated area and chaperon you to the stage door . Please keep all children together  as its so much easier for the runners. The children will be able to watch the entire performance form the upper balcony , which many find   an experience in itself  . Its advisable that children have a drink and snack available.  The upstairs changing rooms/viewing is only for  staff, helpers & children ,STRICTLY  NO PARENTS unless helpers

The evening performance is filmed which is then made available as a DVD for parents/teachers to purchase . therefore we have to have a strict No personal filming policy in place .This then safeguards us against any public performance rights issues .

Please be sure that any children attending the festival have school policy  signed permission  allowing them to be filmed during the evening performance .

Top tips for the festival 

1. Use the stage space, the stage is large , often school halls are smaller so prepare the children that the  preforming space will be much bigger.

2. Dynamic movements . Don’t  forget there is a upper balcony looking down on to the stage so large dynamic  dance moves will be seen better .

3 Costumes , face paints , props all add to the evening and experience ! . HOWEVER props  carry a risk of breaking , falling over etc, so be-aware of your choice!  .

4. Need inspiration ? look back at past Dance Festival dvds  contact me if you need to borrow some  I always use Youtube for free  inspiration and idea development 

Testimonials .

I am a parent of one of the children that took part in the dance festival tonight. I saw your letter with your email address on, and wanted to say thank you for your hard work organising it. It was fantastic and I am so glad our kids have a chance to be a part of it. You spoke really well at the end, and the whole event left me with a great impression of Kingdown!

Just a quick e-mail to say thanks so much for a fantastic dance festival on Wednesday night. My son took part as a pupil from Horningsham primary, and the school I teach at;Sutton veny, took part on Tuesday night. The whole event was slick, well-organised and a massive accolade for you personally and the name of Kingdown. My son and I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was great to see the range of dancing produced by schools in West wiltshire.

Thankyou for giving so many different pupils the chance to shine, and as a parent and teacher, thankyou for the clear information and great organisation on the night itself.

It was my first dance festival – and it was absolutely brilliant – I was gobsmacked!Thankyou so, so much for organising it.