Christmas Inspired Games

Edmunds 3

Here are some Christmas themed games/activities which have worked really well for me KS1/2

Santa Says 

This is a simple game of formations , remembering sequences and team work . The sequences have to be played out as quickly as possible with minimum fuss . The last player/ players to adopt the formation/position is out .

Using any piece of christmas themed music have the children skipping around the room. Call out the following commands

Christmas Star 

In 2s the children stand one in front of the other , the front person being lower, kneeling , with      arms stretched to the sides in a star position.  christmas tree star




CrackersChristmas Cracker 

In 3s 1 person lies down on their back  .The other 2 team members stand at head end and feet end , gently holding/pulling on the legs and arms of the middle player as if a cracker !

Christmas Tree 

Stand still , legs wide and arms above the head in a pointed triangle position , like a top of a christmas tree christmas trees



Santas Sleigh.

In teams of 4s . I person stands at the behind the other 3 players  , with arms outstretched as if holding the reins of the Reindeer . The other 3 players kneel down in front of person 1 , with their hands upon their heads like antlers .

Ask the children for their suggestions of Christmas themed postions and choregraph accordingly !

Decorate the Christmas Tree

Equipment required . Large container of christmas decorations , tinsel, baubels, Candy Canes etc .

For this game I spilt the class into 4 teams of 4 children , obviously this will depend on your numbers

Place container in the centre of room .  4 teams in corners . The designated Tree player stands in a star position , arms wide , legs wide

1 person in each team is the designated Christmas tree . The other members of the team take turns to run to the centre container , collect 1 piece of decoration , returns to team , decorates the tree , next team member runs to centre , collects decoration, repeat, repeat . Edmunds 1

The game can be played under a time constraint i.e.  4 mins of play  , best decorated tree wins , or played until there are no decorations left, first tree decorated wins .






Elf / christmas Pudding & Fairy Tag !

Choose player to be the Elf , Pudding & Fairy . Its helpful to have each character dressed differently , I had my players wearing a T -shirt with an Elf on it , a T- shirt with a Christmas pudding on it , and some Fairy wings . 

Same rules as tag .       If the Elf tags you , the player has to sit crossed legged on the floor , with hands by their ears , like Elf ears

If the Pudding tags you .     Balance on your bottom on the floor , rolled into a tight ball like a pudding.

The Christmas fairy can set you free by sprinkling fairy dust on the head of caught players , therefore setting them free .

Change the Elf, Pudding and Fairy players regularly .

I have found that using the props worked well for this game , as It meant earlier recognition of what the player had to do if caught by the Elf, Pudding  or released by the Fairy .

This is a simple game of Tag , with a christmas and prop element , which the kids seems to enjoy so much due to its simplicity and flair of difference with props



Do you wanna build a Snowman ?!

Equipment required. Sets of Snowman clothing (obviously the amount of clothing depends on how many teams you have ) Wooly hats , Gloves , Scarves and Carrots  ( the more random the clothing the better !)   Toilet Rolls !

For this game I spilt the class into 4 teams of 4 children , obviously this will depend on your numbers

1 person in each team is the designated Snowman . The other members of the team have to wrap up the team Snowman with toilet rolls . Once the wrapping is completed , or upon your time keeping  the teams  collects the necessary clothing , to dress the Snowman

Place the clothing in the centre of the room . 1 member from each team runs to the centre , collects a piece of clothing returns , another member runs to the centre collects another piece of clothing returns to Snowman , this continues until the team snowman is wearing a Hat , gloves , scarf and holding a carrot to their nose ! Edmunds 5

Depending on the age of participants etc . Play this game in time i.e. 4 mins to complete . Or no time constraints  allow each team to finish completely then judge the winning team on quality of wrapping , clothing etc .


Edmunds 2







Snow Globe .

Equipment required 1x Parachute .   A lot of  small soft/light balls , I used the balls used in baby ball pits

other children and ideally another adult for safety mangement

This is a fun activity great for Reception / KS1 . It never cease to amaze me how much enjoyment children get out of using a parachute for play/activity, even when they are older  (i.e. year 4 upwards ) .

SnowGlobe prop : Using a snow globe , shake it up and down . Ask the children to shake on the spot , shaking arms, legs , tummy etc , slowly and gradually ask then to float/glide to the ground just like the snow flakes within the snow globe . They finish lying still on the ground . Repeat 2/3 times .

Snow GlobeActivity  ;  Spread out the parachute , sit 1 child in the centre of the parachute , holding the parachute upwards , slowly walk around allowing the parachute to twist and  rise slighty  quickly turn and release the twisted parachute , allowing the child to turn within the parachute , at the same time the balls fly about within the  parachute .

Edmunds 3







Elf on the Shelf .

Rules played exactly as musical chairs . But when the music stops the kids have to pair up , 1 child makes a table top position ( shelf ! ) and other child ( elf ) gently perches on top . For added humour the kids have to make Elf ears with their hands placed at their head ! Last 2 children not in position are out

Elf on a shelf