Selwyn And DanceLady

Dance Festival 2017 .

Sang in the theme of the Muppet show !

Its time to play the music ,, its time to light the lights “

The 2017 West Wiltshire School Dance Festival was held at the amazing venue of The Forum  Bath  21st, 22nd ,23rd February 2017 . Our 3 day event established in 2016 means more schools  are able to preform , more children and more audience to soak up the atmosphere in the fabulous venue at the Forum

                             The  2017 theme was  Dare to Dream.

And that we did !, we would of never dreamed of the enthusiasm dedication and love towards the Dance Festival event  that is contained around every aspect of it , from the planning  & preparation ,rehearsals , choreography choice and so much more. Princecroft DF2017

As someone who has been involved with the festival since its humble beginnings over 10 years ago . I think the factor that stands out for me about the festival is the inclusiveness of the event . Any child regardless of  age ability or confidence can dance on that stage . Every year I am told by teachers & parents how that the festival has effected certain pupils, their child and  even entire  classes . Unconfident children have suddenly found an inner confidence. Children who are challenged in other areas of learning , suddenly are able to shine  when preforming . As an educator , for me thats what its all about

So whats your Dream? 

Children and staff who enter the Dance Festival have complete artistic  licence  to do what they want with their interpretation of the Dare to Dream theme . Dance styles range from disco , street, contemporary to basically just movement to music . Choreography influence comes from the children’s ideas , books , films , Disney and cultural influences . The Dance Festival prides its self on its organic atmosphere, nurturing creativity in whatever form. Resulting in an event which is purely about the Children  their talent and participation .Selwyn Odel Dancelady DF 2017

2017 saw participation from over 1200 children from Key Stage 1-3 ! ,( thatKingdown DF 2017s what makes the Dance Festival unique as there are few school events which include all school ages ). 45 different schools attended some schools bringing 10 children , some schools bringing  30!

We attracted a total audience of  over 2000 family & friends , with Thursday being a sell out performance !DF 2017 5

However , none of this would happen with out a great partnership of people , whom at the heart of it all want to provide opportunities , experiences and memories for children  .

Myself Caroline Dance Lady .

Selwyn Widger West Wilts School sports Partnership

Based at Kingdown School Warminster Selwyns integral role of the background organisation has evolved the Dance Festival into a 3 day spectacular !. Selwyn looks at every factor surrounding the Dance Festival and then opens it up as an opportunity for children to experience & assist with . Sports Leaders from Kingdown school help with the setting up & down of  the back stage support . They also  act as meet n greet and general information contact .  Audio visual support is lead by Ed Williamson( Kingdom school ) with a support network of budding pupil audio technicians ! Selwyn and DanceLady !

When  Mr Widger asked for  Sport Leaders  from Kingdown school if they would like to volunteer  , he was shocked & delighted to have 96 children arrive at his PE office at the time of registration . Many of this children being involved with the festival previously at their primary school

Comperes for each night are chosen from applications from  any of the schools within the partnership area.

WASP. Wiltshire Active Sport Partnership

The Dance Festival is supported by Wiltshire Active Sport . WASP have partnered us for the last 5 years . Their supports ensures the Festival can evolve , It also provides another opportunity  for the Dancers to attend and preform at , as part of the opening ceremony at the Wiltshire Schools Games event in Marlborough

And joining us this year Apple a Day Again passionate about children educational experiences . Abi and Gemma are a most welcomed addition to our partnershipholt DF2017

To find out about more about how to entry your school please go to  the West Wiltshire School Games Officer website