10 Halloween Inspired Activities

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10 Halloween Dance/games activities for children

1. Monster Freeze.

Musical statues but played to Halloween themed music, but the children have to Dance in a Zombie style.


2. Broomstick Relays. Equipment needed Brushes/Brooms

Divide children into even teams.

2 children  from each team start by straddling the Broom stick (brush) The first two children from each team fly on the broom (run remaining straddled over the broom ) to a designated point on the opposite side of the room.

I child  from each broom dismounts, the other child returns to team and collects the next team member who straddles the broom, both children fly to designated point, 2nd child dismounts, 1st child returns to remaining team members and so on.

The first team with all members of the team, flown to the opposite of the room are the winners.


3. Musical Pumpkins. 

Equipment needed Pumpkins
Played in the same way as Pass the parcel .When the music stops if you are holding the Pumpkin you are
out or in a true Halloween style you have to play dead.

4. Mummy Wraps.

Equipment needed Toilet Rolls.
This game is always the absolutely favourite game for the children! Arrange the children into small teams or pairs. Give each team 2/3 toilet rolls each. The aim of the activity is to cover one of the children in toilet paper to make that person look like a Mummy. Its best to play this game as a timed event ie 3 mins etc . The winning team can be awarded on factors such as “best coverage, best use of paper “ ! As part of the cleaning up activity, play Halloween music as the paper is tidied up or set a timer 1 min to put all the paper in a bin!




5. Pumpkin Push

Again place the children in small teams or pairs. The pumpkin has to be rolled a certain distance, i.e. to opposite wall. The Pumpkin has to be pushed with player’s nose, or hands or bottom!! The crazier the better


6. ThrillerMinster

No Halloween party would be complete without a dance routine to the iconic song Thriller

I have found the children love starting off as dead zombies and then rising off the ground slowly as if coming alive!.





7. Toad Hops

Played in the same way as “stuck in the mud. Choose one person as the tagger. Once tagged you have to crouch down in a frog style, to be released another player has to jump over the crouched player, releasing them as a Frog.

8. Witches Broth.

Equipment required as many frogs, spiders, cobwebs, sweeties & general Halloween paraphernalia as possible.
2. Buckets /cauldrons
Divide children into 2 teams. Place a bucket somewhere for each team. Place as many bits of Halloween paraphernalia around
the room .The teams have 30 seconds / 1 min whatever, to collect as many bits of stuff to place into the bucket to make a Witches broth. The winning team has the most bits!. You can adapt the game to add factors such as points, Spiders are worth 3
points, Frogs are 10. Or add elements such as players can steal out of each other’s buckets!.



9. Witches Whispers.

Played as Chinese whispers, this is a great activity to calm excitable children. Seated in a circle start a whisper such as Witches are smelly! or Ghosts are cool ! The whisper is passed around the circle it’s always fun to hear what the final whisper is.


10. Dead Zombies.

Played as musical bumps, as the music is playing the children dance around. When the music stops the last Zombie to drop to the floor is out.





Have a fab Halloween!

Caroline DanceLady .