Dance Ideas for World Book Day 2014

World Book day

Simple/short  Dance ideas

The Iron Man

Suitable for Yrs 4/5/6

Suggested music.  Jamiroquai  Deeper Underground or any industrial robotic type music

The theme for Iron Man is “Coming alive “, building a Robot machine out of scrap metal. Use stimuli words as Big, Stomping movements, slow heavy and powerful to create robotic Iron man type movements. Add actions words such as Push Pull, Lift and drag Use a transformer toy as visual stimuli to help clarify the actions motions and dynamics add other actions words such as Click, rotate, twist and fold.

Georges Marvellous Medicine .

Suitable for Yrs 3/4/5/6

 Suggested music Sannanta Black Magic Women  

Get the children to choose a Roald Dahl word from the book , spizzing ,, popping, whizzing etc .Get them to create a simple action for that word for example  Whizzing = Run forward X 4 Spin on the spot Jump up and finish sitting down with hands stretched out .

Once they have decided on an action get the children to stand in a circle representing the big saucepan George used. Each child takes in turn to perform the word action.

Chronicles of Narnia

Suitable for Yrs 3/4/5/6/220px-The-chronicles-of-narnia-poster

Suggested music Soundtrack music

Start by walking through the snow to get to the forest, how would you walk?

Create a simple action for Forest in Spring, Light floating type movements, soft, delicate and cheerful. Contrast with Forest in Winter, sharp, spiky, pointed and harsh. As the White Witch and Aslan start to battle get the children to move around in a circle to create a whirlpool representing the changes in Narnia add leaps rolls jumps and turns, on teacher command stop the whirlpool movement. The battle of Aslan and the White Witch can commence using a short battle sequence that you as the teacher determine including jumping, ducking lunging forwards and rolling on the floor NON CONTACT .


Elmer the Elelphant

Suitable for Yrs 1/2/3

Suggested music Henri Mancini.  Baby Elephant song.

Chose 4/5 different colours i.e. Pink, Green Blue etc. For each colour create and demonstrate the movement action for that colour. For example

Green = Twisting on the spot Orange =Jumps up and down etc.

Get the children to move around the space like Elmer the Elephant stretching up with the arms like a trunk, waving arms side to side big plodding type movements. Call out the various colours and the children respond by performing the colour movement i.e. Green –Twisting on the spot.


The Gruffallo

Suitable for Yrs 1/2/3/4



Suggested music.  Music  from the Gruffallo soundtrack.

Each animal has a specific piece of music. Create movements for Owls music, which may include swooping, sweeping, hovering, and standing still with arms folded across chest. Snake would start coiled up in a tight ball, he slowly uncoils, sliding and slithering around the room.  Choreography each piece of animal character music and perform each individually.


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