Autumn theme movement ideas .


Autumn is a great time of year to discuss natural movement , on a blowy day just look out a window and get your class to discuss and replicate the movements of trees , flags , clouds and anything else that you can see .


Session 1. Choose descriptive words to help with the visual stimuli. Roots are twisted , curly , strong , long , go downwards , spread , reach

Roots. Looking at class books and discussing roots movements shapes and functions ie Anchoring to the ground. Develop 3 different root positions twisted arms, twisted legs curled body positions remembering the sequence & concentrating on Transitions developing the movementsimg_0898
Movement development sequence. Root position 1 , Hold the pose for 8 counts Root position 2 Hold for 8 counts , Root 3 Hold .
Encourage the children to think of different levels when creating their root positions. Again focus on transition clarity when changing from different root positions

Root session continued
Starting with all children in a huddle position, as if like a seed. Stillness/ without movement. (I always explain why stillness is an important part of dance & why we incorporate it into our performances Stillness sets the scene of our Dance and draws the attention of the viewer ) The seed starts to feel the warmth of the sun, water etc so starts to move. Get all the children to sway slightly side to side as if growing. In 3 steps backwards, sideways etc the children move to a new space.
Repeat Root sequence from session 1. 3 root positions/shapes encourage clarity of movements. Concentrate on the 3 roots being perfectly executed and remembered each time. (Do not allow the children to make up the 3 roots each time insist they have 3 different root positions which they repeat ).

Practice and repeat as many times as required , the Huddle start position … 3 steps to growing space … 3 roots poses


Collect various Autumnal objects and ask the children to make those shapes with their bodies , discuss curves , spikes , is the shape a soft or hard shape .autum

Dance & Literacy   
Choreography are movement phrases , putting sections of choreography together create a movement story  . Any book or story that you may be reading or studying can be broken down into a movement story , beginning , middle end . The opening paragraph is the Start position or held move , the middle paragraph = the supporting idea or main section of movement  & the ending paragraph is the finishing position or move . Dancing is creating movement pathways a kinaesthetically experience of a sequence of events.

Try  this



Autum poem 


All the leaves are falling down

Falling falling to the ground

The wind goes swish right through the air 

And blows the leaves round everywhere



In this ready-to-use teaching idea for mixed ages, children go on an imaginary Autumnal day walk while developing their observational skills and exercising creative movement. 

On a windy autumn day, draw children’s attention to the weather. Look through the window together. Ask questions such as, “What is happening outside today? What is making the puddles?” Look at the trees moving in the wind, Help children notice the rain and the wind: “Look how slowly the rain is falling to the ground.” “How does it feel when it touches your face?” “What is making those leaves move on that bush?”  Look at how the leaves float to the ground.

Talk about pulling on their boots, gloves, scarf and gloves to go outside, stretching the various bits of their body to put on the clothing. Can they scuff or kick the leaves around them?  How would a leaf spiral and float in the wind move in the wind?
2. Recite this poem as you move: