Food Glorious Food


Yrs 2, 3, 4, 5


5-10 mins


Background optional music.  Suggested music ‘Food Glorious Food’ Oliver Soundtrack


Hall / Outdoors


Warm Up / Fun activity


This is a simple and easy way to deliver a dance or movement activity .


-To increase heart rate
-Mobilization of body,
-To increase spacial awareness, and develop movement memory
-To develop creativity and confidence


Ask students to find and stand in a space. To deliver this activity I find it best to create a storyline start off by telling the class

I’m really hungry so decided to eat a ……

LEMON = Straight jumps on the spot, arms by side of body (within this movement you are trying to create zingy, zesty type movement!).

I am still hungry so next I ate some…….

JELLY = Wiggly, shaking arms and legs. On the spot.

But I am stillll …… hungry ! So now I would like to eat some….

PANCAKES = Flipping turning and twisting movements encourage the children to start on the floor turning over from a front to back position.

Now I’m starting to feel a little full up….

RUB YOUR TUMMY =(stand still with legs wide ) Rub your tummy is a Control Command this will act as a method to calm the class and give them an opportunity to get their breath back before you introduce the next food, or repeat one of the previous foods.

I am starting to feel hungry again! I fancy eating some …..

POPCORN = On the spot jump up and down start crouched .Encourage children to Pop at different times .Encourage Popping type arm movements .

But I’m stilll hungry….. I am going to eat some….

SPAGHETTI = On the spot Long, wiggly loose arms and legs, encourage arms above head to create length.

Now I fancy eating a Lemon again……..

Repeat LEMON Movement

Now I’m starting to feel full up……….

Repeat RUB YOR TUMMY control Command

Continue the sequence for as long as you feel appropriate, mix and repeat the sequence and foods.

Don’t forget to add RUB YOUR TUMMY as this helps to introduce stillness within Dance.


I always start this activity as a On the Spot activity; eventually add directional movement around the area/room.

The children will start to include their own foods, allow them to choreograph movements for the food.

Add other food movements.

TOFFEE = Slow stomping feet, sticking to the floor on the spot, sticky stretching out arms.

FRYING BACON = shaking, vibrating on the spot finishing with a jump. Coca-Cola= Fizzy and popping running as fast as possible on the spot.

THICK GRAVY = Turning slowly on the spot, arms and legs stretched out in a star position, encourages slow movement as gravy is thick.


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Add cooking utensils i.e. Microwave, Smoothly Maker and Whisk, check out Food Lesson



-Download this lesson plan in PDF (218kb)

-Download this lesson plan in .docx (103kb)


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