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CLASS  AGE. Yrs 4,5,6 DURATION.   30 + mins EQUIPMENT. Optional music     We are Detectives Fun Boy 3
FACILITY.  Hall/Outdoors ACTIVITY TYPE. Fun Dance  activity



  • Introducing   Dance,drama movement skills
  • Creating and development different movement skills to a specific theme
  • Learning and repeating & remembering  a set phrase within a routine


Main activity

Discuss Detectives. What do detectives do ?,  How do they move ? What equipment would they use ?. Use key words , Sneaking , Following clues/people, Hiding , Creeping , Lurking , . Create basic movement structures for  Hiding behind a lamp post , Sneaking  , Peering  around a corner, Following someone without them knowing.

Once the pupils have a bank of movements , observed other dance actions and gained confidence , get them to choose 4 different actions and start to  link them into 8 count blocks For example Creep forwards  8 counts , Hold in a hiding positon for 8 counts , Creep backwards for 8 counts , Turn in a slow circle for 8 counts holding a  magnifying glass. Repeat & Rehearse . Add another block 8×4 or learn someone else block and add to the original block.


Teach a set phrase to the entire class , which then acts as a holding block .

Taught phrase example .

Look slowly to the  right  1-8

Drop to the floor and hold 1-8

Creep forwards 1-8

Stand up and hold a pose 1-8


Teach or allow pupils to choregraph a starting and ending positon  for the Dance . This could be done as individual poses or as a group pose .


This lesson plan could be developed over several weeks by adding more phrases and Dance interactions ie Cannon, Unison Levels etc.