Create a Haka !

Boys Haka


Did you watch the opening games of the 2015 Rugby world cup ??

Did you watch the Haka performed by Fiji
The Haka is a War Dance to represent triumph & defeat . Many people feel it should also represent respect to their country , culture and tradition .

Ask the children to talk about dance and what they think it is?  Do they consider a Haka to be a Dance ??  discuss Yes and No.    The Haka is a combination of rhythmic movements in a set choreographic sequence . So therefore Yes its a Dance !
Inform the pupils that today they will be learning about a war dance. Put an emphasis on the word dance. It is performed by the All Blacks Rugby Team- Many of the other nations in that area have their own Haka including Fiji, Samoa and Tonga.
Explain to the children that Haka is a team chant, which is performed in a staccato and rhythmical manner and accompanied by strong movement..

Watch the video of the All Blacks performing the Haka.

Using descriptive words , discuss How this would make the other team , player and opposing crowd feel ? How does it make the supporters of the Haka preforming country feel ? Discuss intimidation .

Whilst watching the video and introduce the pupils to the term `unison` and explain  what  this means
As a class identify the dynamics needed to perform a Haka: strong actions, power, assertiveness aggressiveness yet control , this is a essential characteristic of the Haka

Look fierce like a warrior
Stand firmly with your feet apart,
Lap you hands against your thighs
Hold your chest lifted
Bend your knees
Move your hips with strength
Stamp your feet
Make strong arm movements
Jump and land firmly.

Refer to the video clip and discuss and practice , placement and positioning . How are the players standing when preforming the Haka? discuss equal distance and straight lines , moving in UNISON

Starting in a wide base
Slap thighs x 4 counts
Lock both elbows into the waist and shake both hands at the same time x 4
Step forward on the right foot still shaking the right hand
Step forward on the right foot still shaking the right hand
Step forward on the left foot and shake hands x 4
Raise both arms up to make right angles at shoulder level
Tap the right elbow with the left hand x 2
Tap the left elbow with the right hand x 2
Slap thighs x 3
Jump up x 1
Tap the right elbow with the left hand x 2
Tap the left elbow with the right hand x 2
Slap thighs x 3
Jump up x 1
Lesson ideas to develop the Haka theme further or extend over 2/3 weeks

Idea 1
Using the words in your School values for example , Courage , Respect , Friendship , Responsibility get the children to create actions to represent the words . The actions
should mirror the Haka type movement emphasis the use of hands , thigh slaps , stomping and stamping type actions.
In groups each group should be able to choreograph a 6 action Haka and demonstrate to the rest of the group

Idea 2
Ask the children to research the use of chanting and dancing within other cultures . Indian Bharatanatyam, and Native American Indian , War and Rain Dances , Discuss that all of the action are depicting a story or an outcome
Discuss Cheerleading and cheer Chants .
What in common do all the chanting and Dancing sequences have ? , how does it effect the participants and spectators?
Each group chooses a chant/dance to create

Idea 3
In small groups ask the children to choreograph a Haka using sporting type actions or movements , for example take the action of a Tennis serve , a golf swing , and a Basketball shoot and link them together using other type Haka movements discovered in session 1








Boys Haka