Rumble in the Jungle !

Rumble In the Jungle

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CLASS  AGE. Yrs3, 4,5,6 DURATION.  5-10 mins EQUIPMENT. Optional music   / Jungle sound effects. Or Party Party Party from Madagascar soundtrack
FACILITY.  Hall/Outdoors ACTIVITY TYPE. Warm Up/Fun activity can be developed into a longer piece of Dance/Movement  work



  • To increase heart rate
  •  Mobilization of body
  •  To develop grouping and formations skills
  •  To develop agility , & control speed movements



 Set the scene by telling the pupils they are in a jungle . Describe the  undergrowth , terrain, sounds. Talk about taking big steps over the undergrowth , going under branches , etc  get the pupils to move around the area in many directions. Walk in and between them to deter the whirlpool or circle effect’

Actions Practice and rehearse each action separately , incorporating moving around the jungle between each action. Don t add too many movements , always use a Control Command action to slow the pupils down (Chop ) . Allow the pupils to create their own actions.

Chop Standing still mimic a swinging chopping action  side to side and up and downwards movements. Choping back ,the jungle undergrowth.

Swing Rope This action can get out of control if you don’t set ground rules . Practice this movement a couple of times before adding other actions. Stand still Arms up and holding a rope , take 3 rocking movements fwds/bwds on the last rock Swing on the rope across the room . Control the direction of the swing rope.

Tarantula Spider. Pupils get into groups of 3 as quickly as possible. Sitting on the floor back to backs Arms linked , Legs in straddle . Wiggle the 6 legs up and down like a spider !

Crocodile. Working Individually  pupils lye  down on tummy with arms  out stretched in front

Snap arms up and down.

Giraffe. Working in a pair (2s )  One pupils stands tall Arms stretched up above head as if like a Giraffes neck. The other pupil stands behind  holding onto the waist of pupil 1 creating the body of the Giraffe

Lion  Working in 3s  Pupils 1&2 Go into hands & knees  positon. Pupil 3 stands behind 1&2 resting their hands on the middle backs on 1&2 . Allow a vocal action ! 1,2,3 Roar !!




    Written By Caroline Newman