Shakespeare ideas for Dance

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Tudor Dancing was all about pomp and ceremony . Tudor gatherings were very much about pageantry and celebrations . Tudor dancing was a way to display your wealth , your grace and society statues .

Describing the Dances use words such as timing , display , formations , lines and patterns .  The Dances preformed were very formal and mathmatical , each action had a purpose

Here is a great video which children could use for ideas to develop their own Dance .


Romeo and Juliet  The Dance of the Knights is a work of classical music written for the 1935 ballet Romeo and Juliet . The music has been commonly used in television and radio programmes . It is probably most recognised as the theme to The Apprentice  TV programme .

The choreography reflects the strong pulsating beats of the brass section .

Watch the clip , discuss the choreography , the importance of timing , and control . Again we see the dancers repeating  patterns and steps .

Using Romeo and Juliet as a stimuli discuss the actions of the choreography . Create short sequences of hand movements , shaking hands , switching partners hands , moving around with a partner whilst holding hands .