Spider Man !


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CLASS  AGE. Yrs 4,5,6 DURATION. EQUIPMENT. Optional music   . Spiderman Theme music
FACILITY.  Hall ACTIVITY TYPE. Dance /Movement Visual Aids Spiderman clips and pics , Spiderman Comic . Pictures of a Spiders Web



  • Experiencing  fundamentals of Dance
  •  Developing  sequence skills
  •  Remembering and repeating  a short choreographed routine



Start Position

Using the Spider Web as the Stimuli , allow free rein , but guided learning . Discuss how a web may look , the shape and dynamics. I find this is best done as a group movement as it adds focus  and a central point , to which the rest of the Dance can be added too.

Spiderman Actions

How does Spiderman move ? , Jumps,  Leaps , crouching. Soft landing . Bent knees , Discuss directional movements   Discuss the Spiderman hand position (Palm up thumb, 2nd finger& little finger pointed 3rd/4th finger folded in ) . Link 2 0r 3 moves together , ie 1 Spiderman jump , 2 leaps to the left , Hand position  to start a choregraphic sequence .

What does Spiderman do ?

He climbs up buildings , he leaps of buildings , he spins a web , he catches  criminals or baddies . you will  .  Again start to link movements to together.

Filling in Movements

Teach walk , jump roll . (Teach as a separate session ) I broke down a 4 count walk , a seated roll and then a jump , the children learn t this little sequence  via a  8 count bar . . This is a handy sequence to link part of the dance together , the children can reposition  , gain space etc