Roald Dahl Inspired Dance Activities

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Short co-ordination game . Matilda and the other pupils don’t like Mrs Trunchball , so do everything opposite to what she says .

For example
Mrs Trucnchball commands Walk around the room     Children Stand still.
Mrs Trunchball commands Be quiet                                  Children are noisy
Mrs Trunchball commands Stand up                                Children sit down
Mrs Trunchball commands Stop running                        Children run around .
Mrs Trunchball stand on two legs                                      Children hop on one leg .
Start off as you, the coach/teacher being Mrs Trunchball as the activity takes shape , choose a child to takeover and be Mrs Trunchball. The commands of opposites can be challenging for children so this activity is a good brain stimulation., as they have to react quickly and choose correctly .

Mrs Trunchball insults .
Mrs Trunchball doesn’t like Matilda and her class mates and call them the most awful insults .
Create actions for various insults for example
Bursting Blister = Children crouch down and explode upwards .
Squirming worm = Lye down on tummy and wriggle around on the floor .
Little wart = curled up on the floor .


Allow the children to move around the space , shout out an Insult , the children have to do the action/movement that went with the insult . This is a fun activity and requires sequence and remembering actions

Using the book , read the various insults and get the children to create their own action/movement to the insult . This is a fun way to inspire the children creativity . Its important to emphasis that there is no wrong or right to this activity..…for example the insult “You stagnant cesspool “ will be a mixture of movements to what ever the child thinks stagnant and cesspool means !!
Georges Marvellous Medicine .
Suitable for Yrs 3/4/5/6
Similar to Matilda there are some wonderfully descriptive words within Georges Marvellous Medicine which can easily be created into movement actions via the children and you as the teacher.georges-mm-words

Get the children to choose a Roald Dahl word from the book , spizzing popping, whizzing etc .



Get them to create a simple action for that word for example
Whizzing = Run forward ,Spin on the spot, Jump up & finish seated
with hands stretched out
Once they have decided on an action get the children to stand in a circle representing the big saucepan George used.
Each child takes turn to step into the centre of the circle/pot too perform the word action.


Charlie and the chocolate Factory
Talk to the children about the characters from the book . Each character has a specific movement action attached to it .
Violet Beauregarde
Violet chews the blueberry gum and expands . In space , start crouched on the floor , start to move the body as if chewing , stretch out arms and legs as if like a chewing gum bubble . Sway around the room slowly arms stretched out .
Augustus Gloop
Augustus takes a drink from the chocolate river and promptly falls in . He gets sucked up the pipe and gets stuck .
Working in pairs child 1 is Augustus . Lye on floor on tummy as if swimming in the chocolate river . Child 2 stands above child 1 with their arms positioned in a circle , (like a pipe ) Child 2 makes a sucking type noise to represent Augustus being sucked up the pipe .When Child 1 hears the sucking noise they move up through the circle shaped arms of child 2 , and stays there .
The kids love this activity !, just beware they don’t bang heads when in the tunnel. Swap over positions as well as change partners
Veruca Salt
Veruca is considered a “bad nut “ by the squirrels within the factory . Ask the children to move around the space like a squirrel , small , darting and trotting type movements , hands in a paw type position. If the children get too excited by the squirrel actions alternate the movement by stopping them and then on the spot do a borrowing type action , burrowing nuts .

Mike Teavee
Mike is obsessed with TV . In groups of 3 get 2 of the children to create a window shape with their arms/body allowing a space in the middle to be a screen . The third child puts head/body into the screen space in the middle of child1& 2. Again swap each child around so they each get a turn of being Mike !


Roald Dahl has described how he used to enter his children and Grandchild’s bedrooms at nighttime , just before they went to sleep . He used to take in a trumpet and blow into their bedrooms Dreams .
Use this beautifully simple idea as a cool dolibary-dancewn/mindfulness activity . Get the children to lye down in a space . Walk around the children moving in between them , using hand and sweeping arm actions pretending to spread dreams around them . Allow them to settle down and imagine their dreams , before gently waking them up with a stretch.

The BFG Film soundtrack has a beautiful piece of music called Blowing Dreams which would work well .