Pic n Mix !

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Pick n mix

Choosing Pic and Mix is great! You get to choose only your favourite sweeties and you can have as many as you like !.  Here is a fun dance activity which helps …. creativity , imagination and free movement .


Each sweetie has its own type of movement for example

Fried Eggs = Lye on the floor in a start shape position

Fizzy Cola Bottles . Standing on the spot fizzy shaking type movements with your arms  and legs

Snakes . Long wiggly , sliding type movements

Strawberry bon bons. Have a light outer coat =Walking on tip toes. And a heavy chewy inside =Big long, wide squats type steps .

Jelly Beans .= Small jumping movements

Red /Green Metres They are the long coiled up length of sweetie. Uncurl the sweet and roll around curling your arms and legs

Toffee. Stretching out long arms and long legs getting your legs stuck in a position and using your arms to pull the leg free.


Mix all the different sweets up into a carton =Get all the dancers to get into a circle and one by one chose a sweet to do its action in the centre of the circle.

You may eat 2 sweets at a time !

Ask the children to think of their favourite sweets and create new flavours and type of sweets20140313_115725