Valentines .


Here are some ideas for a Love related theme Dance/Fitness session.

WARM UP. Discuss the heart, Use the track Pump it by the Black Eyed Peas . Students move around the room/area pumping their feet and arms, sometimes the heart pumps fast sometimes slow.

Stimuli.   Holding Hands How many ways are there to hold hands? , discover various ways of linking and holding hands, via the hands try to show devotion, love, warmth and, connection.   Try to add movement, direction and levels to the sequence.

Partner Work.

Working in pair’s choreographing action of mirroring, reflection and unison. Standing opposite a partner 1 person leads the other follows, repeat sequence.

Expressive Words 

Using certain words, choreograph a phrase or movement to describe a Love Word, Care, affection, marriage, kiss. Discuss starting position, are the movements soft or hard, use of arms, legs.

Dance Battles

Discuss Romeo and Juliet, nominate some dancers to be Montague and some to be Capulet create a short sequence expressing love, division

Famous Love Dances 

Watch the film clips recreate your own version

I had the time of my Life. Dirty Dancing

You’re the one that I want.  Grease

Bolero Torvill and Dean.

West Side Story.

Love Hearts Choose a sweet from the packet, use movements to dance the words on the sweet!

Stretch & Cooldown 

Make love Heart . Sitting in a cross legged position rock side to side , extend the legs slightly to create a heart shape with the legs

Give yourself a hug .Wrap your arms around your back and press against your spine to stretch the back.

Get the children to relax in a position comfortable for them , play some relaxing music . Talk about mindfulness . Discuss how personal actions can make others feel , talk about being caring , affectionate to others , being kind or sweet to others.Talk about loving yourself , talk about being caring for others . Hearts