Wet Play Day !

Wet Day inspired Activity 

This is a quick fun Dance /movement session all about Rain ! Ideal for Yr2- Yr4

“what do umbrellas do?”“Umbrellas fly high.”

“Umbrellas open!”/Go up “Umbrellas close!”/Go down

“Umbrellas drip.”/keep you dry “Umbrellas hang.”

“Umbrellas spin .

“Umbrellas can point ” Some umbrellas are small/large like Golf umbrellas .Some are dainty and pretty ,some umbrellas are functionally and serious

Using your body as an Umbrella make closed shapes, and open shapes. I would count to 8 and they had to take all 8 counts to get their closed umbrella to open. Some umbrellas had to be closed and down , others umbrellas were open and up We imagined that we were a wet umbrella and water was dripping from our fingers and toes , we shook our umbrellas to shake off the water . We tried a hanging umbrella and a spinning one.

Make a big class umbrella . Get the children to lye their backs and put our feet up connected together. By closing the legs together and then wide adds movement to the umbrella .

In pairs we made shapes with our bodies , one person was the Umbrella , creating a shelter , the other person crouched under the shelter

When we finished all the umbrellas went and stood in the Umbrella stand

Try these movements the music from the Bambi film “April Showers “


Welly wearing .

Get the children to sit in a circle and put on some imaginary wellies , ask them about colours , patterns on their wellies. Wellies are difficult to put on , you need to pull the boot up , stretch the leg out repeat on the other leg  and when you stand up you need to secure your feet in by jumping on the spot.

Firstly get the children to move around by jumping in small puddles , big puddles , long puddles , leap over puddles , 1 foot jumps , 2 feet jumps .

 There is  a hole in my welly !   Get the children to balance on one leg and take the other welly off and pour the water away, without falling over ! Repeat  with the other foot.

Stuck in the Mud. Get the children to stand still pretending as if one foot is stuck in the mud , bend down to pull at the welly , as soon as one welly is free the other welly becomes stuck ! Transfer weight between feet. Ask someone else to help you out of the mud ! pull &  push . Perhaps one welly gets so stuck you may have to hop around !

Return to the seated circle via the puddle jumps big puddle , small puddle etc .  Pull and push sequence to remove your smelly , wet wellies!.Stretch your legs out in front , and point your toes

Ted umbrella