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Gold sequin trainers &working with kids !

This week I had a teaching breakthrough ! . For those of you who teach or work with kids you will understand the total joy , that as the teacher ,you get when your student or class  “gets it ” . This week I had that moment

I’ve been working with a new school and a class of Year 5 .We have been working to the theme of dance through the years .Within the class is a student whom is on the spectrum in some way or another .

I have been delivering the dance sessions for 2weeks .For the first 2sessions he completely ignores me  , which I expect due to the nature of his statues ,he does his own thing during the session , with minimal interaction towards me , and telling his teacher he doesn’t like dance .

Today …dance session number 3 he engaged with me !! and  the rock n roll theme of dance that we are learning .

So what caused this change of reaction  towards me ? ….my Gold Sequin trainers !

I had actually forgotten I was even wearing them .Untill I felt someone stroking my foot ! And there he was the child whom for the last 2weeks has totally blanked me .He was stroking the sequins back & forth to see if the pattern changed !He tells me that he loves my trainers …. which in his world translates to …” you’re alright lady ..I’ll let you communicate with me “

From that point on my new found  gold sequin trainer loving friend participated  in the entire dance class!.Learning & preforming the routine  and even offering up choreography changes .

So what bling do you have ?!, to help engage those pupils who struggle with certain situations  or are  anxious . The simplest of things can make the biggest difference .

Here are some suggestions I use to connect with children

Funky t shirts . I have a collection of funky / special occasion t shirts that I wear to help create a focus or reaction point . The t shirt creates a conversation starter between myself and a child ., we are then on common ground 

Light up flashing trainers .Fabulous for party icebreakers I get the kids to sit in a circle and we guess the light colour sequence .

Funky coloured or styled hair 

Bright lipstick & funky make up . 

So give it a go !