Peppa Pig 10years of Muddy Puddles !

pepper pig






The Peppa Pig programme is 10 years old !! Here is a  short/fun warm up /activity based on Peppa movements   ideal for Pre school children (3-5 yrs)

Children are moving around the space when you call out..


Muddy Puddles.    Children do a 2 footed jump into a space as if jumping onto a puddle

Puddle Jumps .   1  legged hops/jumps around the room trying not to land in puddles.

Peppa Pig Laughing.    Stop moving lye down onto your back arms & legs in the air and wave them about.  (Whenever Peppa and her family laugh they always fall over on their backs with trotters in the air! )

Dinosaur. George , Peppas baby brother,  loves Dinosaurs’ when you call out Dinosaurs children crawl around on hands and knees roaring like a Dinosaur.

Peppa Pigs Bedtime . Stop moving lye down on your back and pretend to be asleep snoring like a Pig!


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Ask the children to invent their own actions