Post Christmas Themed Fun Fitness

I use this as an activity to play when the kids have returned to school after Christmas holidays .Use it as a quick fun warm up  or energy break .

This activity tests student decision making skills and ability to process a lot of information and act accordingly . I have played this many times as a fun warm up activity and it never ceases to amaze me how much the kids love this very simple yet effective activity !. The kids always ask to play this game .


Start with everyone moving around the room .

The instructor/coach calls out various Christmas themed questions , to which the students decide upon their own answer .

If the answer is YES to the question . The student runs on the spot

If the answer is NO to the question. The student must sit down

The actions preformed for the YES/NO can be changes/modified to your choice . For example Press ups , Star jumps etc .


Example of questions .

Who put Mince Pies out for Father Christmas ?

Who had a Christmas Stocking ?

Who bought their pet a christmas present ?

Who ate Brussel sprouts at Christmas ?

Who Spent Christmas Day at someone else house ?

Who went to a Pantomime ?

Who ate Turkey for christmas lunch ?

Who stayed up until midnight on New Years Eve ?

Who wore a Christmas jumper during the christmas holidays ?

Who put out  carrots  for Santa’s reindeer ?

Who is glad to be back at school ?? !!!!


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