St Partricks Day Dance/PE ideas

Fun Dance & PE Activities for St Patricks Day

Lucky 4s

Moving  around the room in different directions. Call out 4 elbows children have to get themselves into groups of 4 elbows. Add other calls such as 4 hands. 4 feet, 4 heads, 4 backs, 4 fingers! Obviously some calls can be done without getting in a group.

Irish Dancing

Watch a clip of River Dance obviously Irish dancing takes years of practice however the very simple actions and formations can be learnt by complete beginners as well as young students.

Dance basics. Posture Head up, long body, shoulders held back, and hands by the side or behind your back .Long legs with pointed toes when moving around

Start by trying double toe tap Right leg count 1-2 change to left 3-4

Knee cross over.   Lift knee up  in front  then cross the knee over  the body to opposite side toe tap onto floor, return to start position. Switch to do other leg . Count 1-2 other leg 3-4    Controlled skipping  around the room . Make sure the students are all travelling at the same pace.    Moving and Skipping into formations such as circles, diagonally lines, horizontal lines and a cross formation.

Irish Giants & Leprechauns

Moving around with big giant steps and leaps, Moving around with tiny tip toe steps and hiding like a leprechaun.

Lucky Shamrock

This activity is really a version of musical chairs Place groups of 3 hoops on the floor around the room like a Lucky shamrock leaf  Children move around the room without touching the hoops .On your command  or when you stop the Irish themed music ! The children have to stand in a hoop, 1 child per hoop if you can’t find a hoop  to stand in , that child is out . Gradually remove hoops to make it harder for the children.

Over and Under the Rainbow

Using  a parachute. Spread the parachute out, the children sit around the edge of the parachute next to a particular colour. Call out a colour and the word  Over or Under,  the children on that particular colour crawl over the top or under the parachute. For example , Red  under or Green Over .

Caroline DanceLady