Under The Sea

Under the Sea

Under the Sea – Download PDF

CLASS  AGE. Yrs 2,3,4, DURATION.  10 mins  PLUS EQUIPMENT. Optional music   /  Under the Sea from  Little Mermaid.
FACILITY.  Hall/ ACTIVITY TYPE. Warm Up/Fun activity/ Development for longer piece of Dance work Visual Aids.  Seashells pictures or actual sea shells. Pictures /Book of sea creatures



  •  To increase spacial awareness,
  •  To create an understanding of  pathways of travel, directional  movement.
  • Learning a set sequence of movements and rehearsing them in order




The best way to use this Dance /Movement activity is to develop it over a couple of sessions . Don t be inclined to use all the creatures at once. Allow the children to use their imagination and adapt their suggestions.

Be aware of the Shark ! No doubt  you will get suggestions of Shark !, The kids love running around with a hand shaped Fin on their head. Therefore the Shark movement can make the children excited . When introducing the shark use descriptive words such as Stealth like, Muscular, Fast then Slow and Hunter , this will help you dictate the movement .


This is your control command. Using your body make a seashell shape , tight curled , circular .Use visual aids .

Octopus. On the spot movement , wiggly arms and legs. Moving up &down.

Crab Sideway stepping movements only bent knees, arms and hands turned out to 90degrees with claw like snappy movements.

Clam  Standing still opening long wide arms slowly, then shut quickly !

Dolphin Leaping turns and twists, graceful athletic movements.

Jelly Fish. Moving backwards  large sweeping actions with arms , arching of the body.



Using the music Aquarium from Carnival of the Animals Saint- Saens. Have the children move slowly around the room, finally ending up lying down of the floor .